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Get Rid of Your Double Chin Without Surgery!

Dernière mise à jour : 16 oct. 2020

Excess fat below your chin can make you appear older and overweight than you actually is very frustrating when a double chin remains in spite of recent weight loss or your commitment to healthy life style. Luckily, it is possible to achieve the carved jawline you wish without surgery with Belkyra, a Health Canada and FDA –approved injection treatment intended to eliminate excess fat cells for good. To get more information or make any enquires with our experienced Dr. John Burke, please contact us today online at 819-772-1888 to schedule assessment or a private consultation .We invite patient from around Gatineau and Ottawa.

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is an injectable procedure used to break down and do away with the excess submental fat that causes a dual chin. Belkyra Health Canada approved formula comprise of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance that come about naturally in your body. Belkyra reduces the fat layer in the chin to reevaluate your jawline and thin your chin.

Importance of Belkyra

Whether you have full double chin or just a little fat, Belkyra is the most effective method to improve the contours of your jawline without neck lift surgery or facelift. Additionally to redefine your jawline, Belkyra treatment offers a the following benefits,

· Proven safe and effective.

· Health Canada approved

· No blades .sutures or stitches.

· Minimal downtime.

· Permanent results

· Fast treatment time.

Patient may experience discomfort and swelling, but these effects quickly moderate .You can continue with your daily routine jobs immediately after getting your injections.

How long Do Belkyra results last?

After Belkyra has damaged the targeting fat cells, they can no longer accumulate or store fat. The cells are permanently removed. Though, remaining cells can still grow with weight gain, so you might consider sustaining a stable weight after your Belkyra treatment to help ensure long –lasting outcomes.

How will I know I’m a good candidate for Belkyra treatment?

Everybody is a good candidate to receive Belkyra safely, effective injection treatment. In short, Belkyra may be a better solution for addressing your situation if,

· You don’t like the appearance of your double chin

· You’d like non-surgical treatment rather than a surgery to remove your double chin.

· You are unhappy with the look of a double chin.

In my opinion the best way to determine if Belkyra is right for your condition is to meet personally with Dr. Burke. Our doctor will evaluate your situation; answer all your queries and assist you determine which treatment options best meets your goals and needs .

Cost of Belkyra

The cost depends on severity of your double chin. Typically two or six treatments are essentials to attain optimal results and cost 600-1100$ per treatment.

You need 4 weeks apart per treatment.

How to Schedule your Belkyra consultation today?

You can just make a call to Natcha Studio Beauty by calling 819-772-1888 to arrange a consultation with Dr .Burke this way you don’t have to live with a double chin.

My results after two treatments of Belkyra.

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