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Our O'terra suction cups have been specially designed for the clinic. Since the results and the quality of our products are essential to us, we took care to try dozens of suction cups before having ours custom made. We therefore offer you nothing less than the most adequate and effective unbreakable silicone suction cups against cellulite, regardless of the type of cellulite you have (fatty, watery, mixed or fibrous). The set includes two suction cups: the small one will be used on the smaller areas of the body (arms, calf, knees and stomach) and the large one will be used on the larger areas of the body (buttocks, front thighs and rear thighs). This non-invasive technique causes lipolysis (degradation of the body's fat cells) in addition to dislodging the orange peel. In addition, you will have beneficial effects on your circulation, resulting in smoother and more elastic skin. O'terra suction cups do not replace the technique of a rolling palpate but will be very complementary for a good anti-cellulite treatment to be done at home.

Place the suction cup on an area previously coated with our O'terra anti-cellulite balm (available on our website) and create an air vacuum to create a suction. The skin automatically enters the suction cup, just start the massage. We recommend circulatory movements as well as back and forth movements for at least two minutes per zone. To maximize results, we recommend doing this 5 or more times per week for the first month. Afterwards, one to three times a week will suffice.

Do not use suction cups if you have varicose veins / spider veins before consulting your doctor or pharmacist. Always follow the direction of blood flow when moving the suction cups.

O'TERRA Suction cups body 2 pieces

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