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The SOS treatment to have permanently in your bathroom.

Dedicated to skin with imperfections, SOS Paste deeply cleanses the pores and tightens them. The skin becomes clearer.


  • Helps absorb excess natural oil, exfoliates and cleanses deeply.
  • Pimples dry and visibly reduced.

Application: Each morning, cover the button locally with SOS Paste. Let stand 10 minutes and remove the product like a second skin. In the evening, on perfectly cleansed skin, apply the paste locally and leave on overnight. When you wake up, remove like a second skin or with a cotton ball soaked in Lotion Pure.

Ingredients: Derived from corn starch, natural extract of mandarin, salicylic acid.

Format: 30ml


Perfect-Eraser – SOS paste, localized imperfections

C$52.00 Regular Price
C$44.20Sale Price
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