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Sleeping on our silk pillowcase has several benefits for your hair and face. Silk is one of the cleanest properties! Other bedding materials contain thousands or even millions of dust mites, molds, fungi and other microscopic life forms. These do not live in silk. So, don't hesitate to change your pillowcase for our silk pillowcase. It is the best choice you will make for your health and your skin. The very soft texture of silk will help promote a restful night's sleep.

** Indicate the desired color in the comments **

Size: 50X75


-Hand wash or machine wash in lukewarm water (30 ° C) on the mildest cycle available.

-Minimize the spin time.

-Do not use bleach.

-Do not tumble dry.

-Use neutral or special detergent for silk.

-Keep out of contact with pets / sharp objects.

Silk pillowcase

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