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Restorative Dermopigmentation


Have you had a total mastectomy or reconstructive surgery following breast cancer? Dermopigmentation can help you. Dermopigmentation is used to correct the sequelae of certain surgical procedures, or to reduce the effects of time.


Medical or aesthetic restorative dermopigmentation is a procedure that requires dexterity, experience and a careful selection of pigments.


Areolas and nipples

After a surgical intervention, a tattoo of the areolas and nipples can give a 3D effect while respecting the breast morphology, as well as the desire of the client. The procedure aims to symmetrize the areola and its nipple, and to harmonize the diameter and the color with the other breast. The tattoo also makes it possible to restore the discolored areoles following a childbirth or aging.



Restorative dermopigmentation offers people with vitiligo a way to restore pigmentation in affected areas. The procedure is to camouflage the affected areas with color pigments similar to the unaffected areas. It is therefore a matter of giving the whole a uniform appearance.


Permanent makeup correction

More and more people are improvising in permanent makeup without having the training or the expertise. At Natcha, we can correct a badly arranged color by using new color pigments in harmony with the existing color. We also correct too strong colors, asymmetrical eyebrows, awkward designs, too deep injected pigments and others.


Burn victims and scars

For severely burned people, dermopigmentation is an approach to reduce scars caused by burns. Our technician corrects the color differences between scar tissue and healthy skin, close to natural color. Our studio also treats unsightly scars after breast reduction surgery or breast implants. Breast tattooing greatly improves their appearance.



Brown stains

Also called age spots or sun spots, brown spots are mainly caused by repeated sun exposure. They can appear on the neck, décolleté, shoulders, face and hands, even in young people. Thanks to permanent makeup, we can reduce the appearance of these annoying spots and make your skin perfect in a simple and painless way.

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