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Hair Loss

Gatineau certified Scalp Elite clinic

Capillary micropigmentation

Like 60% of men, are you affected by baldness?


We know that more than a third of men will go bald early in their lives.


It is a normal phenomenon linked to androgen hormones, therefore especially in men. Unfortunately, it is a fact that baldness (or alopecia) undermines confidence and affects self-esteem, confidence and even smile.

Solutions to baldness


To treat or slow baldness, there are a multitude of solutions to improve the appearance of the hair: medication, hair prosthesis, hair powder, hair transplant and micropigmentation.


At Scalp Élite certified Gatineau, we perform a micropigmentation treatment by applying a tattoo on the scalp using a dermograph. This non-surgical treatment is ideal for effectively masking the onset of alopecia, baldness and to conceal scars.


The results are surprising


Whether it is to obtain a shaved effect, greater density of hair or beard, conceal a scar or redraw a line, capillary micropigmentation can be suitable for many. Its effect is permanent, instantaneous, without side effects. Its result is very natural, realistic and the final effect brings great satisfaction to our customers.

What do you prefer?


Shaved effect


Shaved effect look for baldness varying from stage 1 to 7


Densification of sparse hair


Densification of the scalp to hide alopecia in both men and women.


FUT and FUE scar camouflage


Camouflage of all types of unsightly scars caused by hair transplantation.


* Exact price on consultation; free consultation


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