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Fractional mesotherapy

For those who seek to have a smooth and radiant skin without going through cosmetic surgery, microneedling (or mesotherapy) is often very effective. Using a pencil with 9 moving micro-needles, the skin's biological functions are stimulated to improve its appearance. Used in combination with skincare products, this approach allows better absorption of the nutrients in the skin.

Who is microneedling for?

To women and men who want to:

✔ Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

✔ Reduce stretch marks and scars

✔ Restore radiance to your complexion

✔ Stimulate collagen by improving the elasticity of the skin

✔ Improve the texture of your skin, enlarged pores

✔ Reduce pigment spots

✔ Balance oily, dry, dull and sensitive skin

How to proceed

To cause a regenerating reaction of the skin, the micro-needle device is passed over the whole face as well as the neck if necessary. A nourishing serum is then applied all over the face. It will enter the dermis through micro-incisions. In order to hydrate and give a lifting effect to the skin, the session ends with a collagen or other mask, depending on your needs.


What are the benefits?

You will quickly feel the benefits and a brighter skin following the reduction of wrinkles and imperfections. Most customers will feel their skin tone and more taut. The benefits of microneedling are cumulative and improve in the weeks following the mesotherapy session. The sessions should be spaced a few weeks apart and adjusted as needed.

Fractional mesotherapy

Fusion Meso Xpert is a new approach to needle-free mesotherapy that offers all the benefits of non-invasive and painless skin rejuvenation: safety, effectiveness, ease of use, immediate and lasting results. This technique can be used on the face, neck, décolleté or the back of the hands.


How it works?

With La Fusion Meso Xpert, the healthcare professional uses an LED device which emits light pulses on the skin. LED light activates certain biological functions of the skin and cells, such as cell electroporation which reduces the permeability of the skin and opens the pores. Thus, the device improves the penetration of meso cocktails and the client feels no pain, only a slight current.

Fusion Meso Xpert reduces the appearance of irregular acne scars, relaxes old surgical scars and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. By increasing the production of collagen and elastin, the enlarged pores will return to their original size. It is a treatment that is suitable for all stages of skin aging, whether early, intermediate or advanced.

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