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Photorejuvenation can treat and correct many age-related skin problems.

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Intense and pulsed light can safely treat many problems simultaneously, including:

• Pigmentation abnormalities related to melanin such as sunspots and age spots.

• Sun lesions on the back of the hands, neck and décolleté.

• Fine lines, thinning of the skin and loss of elasticity.

• Actinic dyschromia (speckled and irregular coloring of the skin).

• Small acne scars.


How are the treatments carried out?

The photorejuvenation procedure usually consists of four to six 20-minute sessions, three weeks apart, depending on the damage to be treated. However, some lesions may only require a few sessions.

By crossing the epidermis without damaging it, a pulsed light beam over a fraction of a second produces heat in the dermis and acts on three particularly interesting targets for skin rejuvenation: pigments, capillary microvessels and fibroblasts (cells producing new natural collagen).

Skin improvement is gradual and progressive. It continues well beyond the last treatment, even for several months, a consequence of the biological processes of tissue repair which can take five to six months.

Can there be side effects?

In most cases, side effects are non-existent. After treatment, however, short-term local redness may appear, accompanied by slight edema, as well as a temporary sensation of heat, tingling or slight discomfort. We can expect the temporary accentuation of the pigment spots, but it will be followed by a lightening.

Exceptionally, on more sensitive skin or with photosensitization, the formation of crusts or dyschromia (pigmentary change) may occur, usually temporary and very rarely prolonged.

Are there any contraindications?

Pregnancy, wearing a pacemaker and taking blood-thinning medications are contraindications.

Collagen diseases such as lupus, scleroderma, certain metabolic or vascular diseases such as porphyria or uncontrolled diabetes, are also reasons not to resort to photorejuvenation.

It is essential to have an evaluation before any treatment to ensure that you are eligible.

Take care of your skin

The results obtained are long-lasting, especially if you take care of your skin by applying SPF 30 protection and a moisturizer daily. It is recommended to renew a session every six to twelve months.

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