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You will have a natural eyebrow effect guaranteed! Our technician redraws the eyebrow and fills the holes by drawing an ultra fine line by imitating the hair. This technique consists in effect in pigmenting the upper layers of the epidermis using needles, therefore very close to the surface of the skin. Thus, there is no problem for hair regrowth at the eyebrows.


Service life


After the first session, a touch-up is necessary 4 to 6 weeks later to fix the pigmentation and to ensure a better lifespan. After about a year and a half, microblading clears up gently.

Is it painful?


Since needles penetrate less under the skin than a permanent tattoo, they touch fewer nerve endings. There is therefore less pain than semi-permanent makeup and there is less bleeding. The healing is rather fast without annoying small galls.

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Hemophilia / hepatitis

HIV / immune system deficient

Pregnancy, breast-feeding.


Treatment with the written consent of the doctor



Hypertension / heart problems

Skin cancer (recent or old)


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