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The LipBlush technique makes it possible to pigment the lips naturally, as if you had just applied a translucent gloss to your mouth. The reason why this technique is so popular is that it does not require any contouring and we can go from a natural and sheer result to a more radiant result according to our client's requests.

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You must exfoliate the area to be pigmented (eyebrow-lip) a few days before your appointment and moisturize well. No facial treatment activating cell regeneration such as peeling, exfoliation, microneedling, etc. at least 3 weeks before the service No exposure to UV rays minimum 1 week before the appointment. Avoid taking aspirins or alcohol 48 hours before the appointment. Avoid coffee the morning of the date. Do not eat spicy foods a few days before your appointment. Stop Retin-A & AHA skin care products near the area of ​​improvement two weeks before and after your procedure. No waxing, laser or electrolysis near the improvement area one week before the procedure. If you have ever had oral herpes and you have an appointment for permanent lip makeup, we suggest that you consult a health professional to see the possibility of obtaining a prescription for Valtrex in prevention following pigmentation.



Lip: The healing time for the lips is very fast: 4 to 5 days. It is important to know that the chosen color will darken considerably during the performance, do not worry, it will fade quickly (about 30-40% reduction). If you have ever suffered from oral herpes, you will need to refer to your doctor to obtain a medication prescription to prevent the appearance of herpes following the procedure. Remember that you will have significant swelling following your appointment and this will gradually subside over the first 24-48 hours.

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