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Permanent Makeup



The Nano technique offers a result of hyper natural permanent makeup on your face. Performed with the most advanced permanent makeup equipment, this approach creates hair lines that have almost the same effect as microblading, but in finer lines.


The very tip of the needle is immersed in the pigment, then gradually distributed in the skin to create flawless hair features with a beautiful natural line. The implanted pigment lines last a long time and only require a color refresh after one year.

Upper or lower line of the eyes


Would you like to intensify your gaze? Treat yourself to a thin or thick line on the eyelid that redraws your eyes by micropigmentation. At the beginning, we will advise you on the best line of the layout, taking into account the morphology of your face. You will choose the color of the line between blue, brown, green and black. We also offer the drawing of the lower line which adds to the intensity of the eyes.

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