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Maderothérapie - Natcha

What is Wood Therapy?

Maderotherapy is a therapy originating from Colombia, based on the use of   anatomically designed wooden tools which make the therapy 100% natural. The advantage of using specially designed wooden instruments is to create intense pressure on fibrous cellulite and fat deposits, to eliminate toxins from the body, and to break down cellulite.

The technique involves a series of movements that are repeated by using different wooden instruments. When applying these instruments to muscles, fat deposits and cellulite, we stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins from the body. This release from toxins stimulates the skin metabolism to burn down the fat.  “Orange peel syndrome” – or resistant cellulite pockets are destroyed, skin swelling decreased, resulting in smoother and even skin tone.


Maderotherapy has a firming effect on the skin, as it activates the production of elastin/collagen, toning, sculpting and improving blood circulation.  Our unique protocol, will reduce the accumulation of stored volume, cellulite reduction, contoured waist and lift the buttocks.   Clients say the changes are visible as of the first visit.


Maderothérapie - Natcha

How maderotherapy treatments work?


- Madeerotherapy gives an effective result when it is used as part of a cure of 10 treatments. Massages are performed daily or it can be every other day. If there are sensitive and painful areas, the first 3 massages can be done every other day, then we continue every day.

- The first results can be expected after a few sessions but for real and long-term effects we recommend a minimum of 2 sessions and a maximum of 4 sessions per week, the ideal being in our opinion 3.

But we are aware of the busy schedule of each, so most clients place two sessions per week, and we get very good results from the 5th / 6th session, although 10 sessions is a minimum in order to see optimal results.


How long does the massage last?

  • 30 minutes: thighs - $80

  • 45 minutes: thighs and buttocks - $90

  • 1 hour : legs, buttocks and stomach - $100



10 thighs treatments: $700

10 thighs and buttocks: 800$

10 legs, buttocks and stomach treatments: $900

To whom we do not recommend Maderotherapy?

  • We do not recommend maderotherapy to pregnant women, nursing mothers and  women who just gave birth. We advise them to wait for at least 4 months to restore the hormonal balance in order to have full effect of maderotherapy.

  • During the period time.

  • Also, people with extremely expressed capillaries and veins are advised to come for consultations first.


Is the massage painful and can bruises come out?

The first couple of massages can be painful (muscle ache type pain), and then massages becomes very relaxing. The bruises can occur in hypersensitivity in the first few treatments.











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