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All You Need to Know About Brazilian Maderotherapy

Brazilian maderotherapy is one of the many forms of wood therapy that’s gaining popularity by the day. It is also known as Brazilian butt lift or non-surgical Brazilian butt lift. It involves body sculpting using wooden tools (cups) which create a vacuum effect. The instruments allow pressure to be exerted on specific areas such as the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. The tools are made in different sizes to cater for different parts of the body. This therapy is considered unique as it helps relieve muscle pains and joints, reduce stress and contour the body.

How Long Does Brazilian Maderotherapy Last?

Once you start the therapy, you will go for ten sessions to get optimum results. Each session will take 45-60 minutes. You'll start noticing changes in your body after the third session. The treatments are to be carried out daily. However, if you are hypersensitive, the treatments should be carried out after several days. Also, if a patient has varicose veins, the therapists shouldn't carry out rough massages on them.

What Are Some of the Instruments Used in Brazilian Maderotherapy?

The Maderotherapy technique uses various instruments. The instruments are specifically designed to cater for various parts of the body. The tools are mainly made from wood, one of the elements of nature considered beneficial to your health. The most commonly used tool is the Swedish cup. This is one of the mostly used when it comes to Brazilian maderotherapy. It is a vacuum cup used to treat model areas such as the buttocks, thighs, waist and abdomen.

3 Benefits of Brazilian Maderotherapy

1. Body contouring

The first benefit you'll get is having firm buttocks and thighs. Brazilian maderotherapy is an efficient way of shaping the body without harming the skin or tissue. The tools used in the therapy consist of a set of five tools that are specifically designed for each body part. The wooden cups will eliminate cellulite, tone the body and particularly your butt and thigh.

2. Activates the lymphatic system

This therapy helps to activate the lymphatic system in our bodies. The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. Its work is to drain fluid that has leaked from the blood vessels into the tissues and transports the fluid back into the bloodstream through the lymph nodes. It also helps in maintaining the fluid levels in the body. The lymph nodes have immune cells that help our bodies fight off infections, viruses, toxins and bacteria.

3. Improves blood circulation

When preparing for Brazilian maderotherapy, the therapist first brushes the body when it's dry to prepare the muscles and skin for treatment. Afterwards, the therapist uses essential oils to hand massage the body and later uses the wooden cups. This process will warm up the muscles and increase blood circulation. It also prepares the body for the application of wooden accessories.

There are numerous therapy techniques one can use. Brazilian maderotherapy happens to be one of the best as it requires wooden tools to contour and tone the body. However, you should abstain from this kind of therapy if you are a nursing mother, pregnant or just given birth or if you are hypersensitive.

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Publisher Natacha Naud-Lamontagne

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