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The O'terra wheel has been specially designed to massage deeply in order to unclog tissues and drain water retention in addition to activating blood circulation. This tool is ideal for people who work in static positions (standing or sitting) and who experience heaviness or fatigue in their legs. Without pain, the O'terra roulette is very pleasant to use. Also, if you are using O'terra cupping and have some sensitivity with them, you can use the caster to start with to prepare your body for cupping treatment. Just like the suction cups, it is important to use the firming balm with the roller in order to do the treatment well and allow it to move well.

- Decreases water retention
- Activates blood circulation
- Helps reduce the effect of heavy legs
- Compatible for pregnant or breastfeeding women
- Good for all parts of the body (calves, thighs, stomach, arms, etc.)

Apply O'terra Firming Balm to the area to be worked. Roll the roller from the bottom to the top, applying a little pressure between one to two minutes / zone. Do as needed.

Also available as a duo with the firming balm or as a trio with the firming balm and O'terra suction cups.

O'TERRA Roulette 1 roulette

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