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Eyelash Extensions

Set of eyelash extensions


The eyelash extension is applied with a glue that dries quickly. By applying the eyelashes, you leave a small gap with the eye, because it allows the extension not to be in contact with your skin, and avoids discomfort and pain. A filling is compulsory at least every 3 weeks since your eyelashes have a natural cycle.


The eyelash extension is a synthetic eyelash (mink or silk) which is glued to a natural eyelash, without ever touching the skin. Length, thickness, curvature can be chosen according to your tastes or the eyelash extension technician can advise you.


Russian volume 

The Russian Volume method consists in placing 2 to 5 extensions on the natural eyelash. This range of eyelashes that will be glued to the natural eyelash is called a fan. Each fan is handmade for a discreet glue point effect.

There are indeed fans already ready but the result is not the same especially at the base of the lashes. You can find the term '' 2D '' '' 3D '' or '' 4D '' or '' 5D '' which is synonymous with Russian volume this is only an indication of the number of eyelashes created by fan ex: 2D: 2 eyebrows.


Hybrid eyelash extensions are halfway between a classic pose of eyelash extensions and a pose of Russian volume.

Also called “mixed set”, they offer a thicker and denser appearance than conventional eyelashes, but without the uniformity and smoothness of a set of typical Russian volume. They can also be a great way to get that quirky look made popular by Kim Kardashian, using longer classic extensions interspersed with shorter volume lashes. They're perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra drama to their classic ensemble, or for those who want to test volume lashes without getting fully engaged.

Allergies and reactions


Some people react to glue fumes, but this is very rare. The glue used by the technician is a glue made in Quebec, governed by Health Canada and which has very little vapor.




It all depends on the maintenance of the client's eyelashes, most come back for filling every 3 weeks, but some prefer it every 2 weeks.

To maintain the life of your eyelash extensions


  • Avoid wetting your extensions for the first 24 hours after application

  • Avoid oil-based products when removing make-up from your eyes

  • If you want to add mascara to your eyelash extensions, use a special eyelash extension mascara

  • Avoid waterproof mascara

  • Take care of your extensions when removing make-up from your eyes.

  • Once a week, in the shower and with an eyelash shampoo sold at the studio, gently clean your eyelashes with the brush (specific for eyelashes)



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